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As I drove into Finlandia Village for the first time I felt as if I was entering a Resort Spa. Upon entering the main entrance I was surrounded by even more aesthetic beauty with a touch of serenity and calm.  It is a truly beautiful community located on 41 acres of land.  It is nestled in a park-like setting over looking the north shore of Lake Ramsey.


Finlandia Village is in fact a large senior’s community comprised of apartment dwellings, Supportive housing, Shared housing and a Long Term Care Facility.  Finlandia has a ‘Finnish flare’ in terms of language, culture and food.


The Mission statement of Finlandia Village reads “Founded and maintained in the Finnish tradition, we strive to provide quality aging in place (a continuum of care) for our multicultural community” In essence you could retire to Finlandia and grow old in a community that is equipped to take care of seniors at all levels of aging.


The programs, services and activities available are impressive. They include Swimming, Sauna and Aquatics at the village indoor pool. Exercise classes and walking groups along the ski and nature trails. There is also Bingo, Billiards, Teas and Bazaars, Sing Along, Concerts and Dances, BBQ’s and Picnics with Outings and Trips occurring on a regular basis.


Finlandia has a non denominational Chapel on the premises. They also boast a convenience store, library, hair salons, laundry areas, banking services, coffee rooms and an auditorium.


Finlandia Village also has the motto “Forward Together”, Togetherness is a term that is not taken likely at Finlandia. Finlandia tries to accommodate its many residents on a continual basis.  There is a ‘tag’ system where the resident turns their ‘Door Tag” in the morning to alert the staff and other residents that they are ‘up and awake’. If the tag is not turned then someone is available for a friendly visit to ensure that the person is OK.  What a cool idea.


Finlandia liaisons with other community organizations to ensure the residents are referred to any additional services they may require. All in all, I think when I retire this is the type of environment I would choose to be in.



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